Online Casino Games

Online Casino Games – Pros & Cons, Techniques, and Jackpots

Gambling has been there for as long as we’ve been, in fact we can even see traits of gambling in animals, and it’s only natural. The rush, the desire, the lust, the feel… It’s almost impossible not to feel it, and oh do gamblers know what I’m talking about. Even not so obvious gamblers know what I’m talking about. It’s the exact feeling you get when you see your crush walking your way, or when a guys, who looks like you, stops by with a Lambo… Man, that feeling, when you can see the prize in front of you but you just can’t get it, so your only hope is to gamble.

Let’s wait no longer and dive into online casino games, their pros & cons, techniques and jackpots…

Pros of Online Casino Games:

Well, since it’s natural to gamble, the main “pro” is that it satisfies a natural instinct and a desire. Another “pro” is that it gives the necessary adrenaline a human being needs to feel alive, I remember when I first gambled, I couldn’t blink, and wouldn’t… I so impatiently waited for the result that it almost seemed like a lifetime. And I still can’t tell why! But it’s real and it really does make you feel alive.

A friend of mine, who I used to gamble with said a sentence which I will never forget, he said: “well, I gamble for fun, I don’t look at it as gambling, it’s like consuming, I was about to buy a burger and spend 5 bucks, with no returns, so just like that I gamble and spend my time.” So yah, another “pro” is entertainment, pure entertainment… Name it however you wish, I’ll categorize it as entertainment.

Obviously there are, and will be, many more pros, but I’m stating the main ones.

Cons of Online Casino Games:

It’s so easy to gamble and it’s always within reach that it’s almost scary… It’s scary how easy it is to start gambling no matter how old you are or the position you’re in. It’s not good and no healthy-thinker would come to any conclusion other than it’s dangerous.

Not having limits. Not having pre-decided limits might take any gambler to the extreme and make him a headline story with a title like “An Earth Based Gambler, Loses His Home over Gambling”. It’s not good, and will never be, but it is what it is, some people just don’t know their limits and it’s a “con”.

Techniques of Online Casinos, Slots and Games:

It’s no brainer to name a few: Bonuses, free spins, cashbacks…

We’ll speak about them in a bit. First, let’s shed light on the main techniques.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of online slot developers like NetEnt, EGT, Microgaming, Play’nGo, etc… Their daily job is to create games that attract people, whether it’s a story or a character or a figure. They work day and night to deliver a game that satisfies the above-mentioned desires and feelings.

So the main technique is to have a game which will, not-only be attractive, but also, touch that lusty part of the brain, to make the desire be the person in charge, to make greed aim for that jackpot, to make the hope find excuses for the actions.

As for the bonuses, free spins and cashbacks… These are rather obvious, and actually rewarding, techniques. I personally appreciate when a casino gives a 100% deposit bonus, or a couple of hundred of free spins or weekly cashbacks… Although, we should thank the competition for such huge bonuses, however the result stays the same; I receive my share of the bonus and the gift.


Gambling is a natural desire, our instincts always push us to gamble, whether it’s in a casino, or a chick, or a business, man, we love gambling. But addiction, in fact any sort of addiction, is dangerous. And any intellectual human being must be careful not to cross the line of his own benefit.

We’ve all heard all types of stories, but at the end of the day I’m responsible for my life, not some person who messed up his… Although, I hate it when casinos cross the line and acts irresponsibly, but at the same time I know that there will always be an a**hole who f*cks things up! I always look for a trustworthy and reputable house to play at.

Always remember to look beyond what’s visible, and hear that which is not said. Enjoy!