A complete guide on how to trust an online casino – Reviews, experience, speed, customer support

A complete guide on how to trust an online casino – Reviews, experience, speed, customer support

With so many casinos popping out of nowhere, one gets confused to deciding where to play, that’s where I step in, helping you with this complete guide on how to trust an online casino – Reviews, experience, speed, customer support. Let me briefly tell you the criteria by which I decide the quality of the online casino which are; Owners, history, speed, customer support and of course bonuses & offers.

Let’s go by each criterion in details and see why they are so important.

Owners of the online casino:

You might not really pay attention to the origin of the house, but that’s really one of the most important things. So many people know that there are millions of gamblers out there who are ready to gamble their last penny, and so, so many “unknown” “shady” people start an online casino business and that’s where things might go wrong for a player.

Whether it’s a person, an owner company, a software provider or anything that hints about the ones behind the online casino, you should always pay attention to it.

In my experience I’ve seen so many shady online casinos, and 99% of the time they’ve gone missing, closing their casino and not paying the wins to their players.

On the other hand, if the owners are open and in public, things get easier and smoother, at least now you know who you’re dealing with. You can find a list of trusted online casinos and my favorites here.

History of the Online Casino, its Reviews and Presence:

If the history of an online casino is missing, or if you can’t find reviews on the internet, or it’s very new, chances are you’re with the wrong online casino.

Obviously I’m not saying to trust casinos with 10+ years or anything like that. But what I mean is that you shouldn’t trust someone who you just met on a porn website, or a free movie website. Always check who they are, what have they been doing, their reviews on the internet, their reputation here and there.

Information is power, use that power to your benefit, again, here’s a list of trusted online casinos.

Speed of the Casino

Not only the actual speed of the website, but also their speed on opening an account, depositing and cashing out. Some casinos let you deposit in a second but it will take forever to cashout.

  • Make sure the website is fast so that there won’t be any issues while playing, also you’ll enjoy it to the max.
  • Make sure they cashout is fast
  • Make sure they have many ways of cashing out and cashing in. PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, etc…
  • Make sure everything you wanna do gets done fast

Here’s a list of fast online casinos to enjoy your time at

Customer Support of the Online Casino

This is probably the most important aspect, the most important piece of the puzzle. You need an online casino that cares for its players; after all it’s a two-way relationship, right?

Your online casino must be reachable any time of the day on any given channel, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, E-mail or phone number. All that you need to do is play and enjoy your time, if you have any questions you just need to ask.

I’ve seen dozens if not hundreds of online casinos that are almost impossible to contact, they just ignore, or transfer your issue from department to another. This isn’t and mustn’t be acceptable, and for it to change, YOU must start playing at an online casino that respects its players and their questions. Try mr. play, you’ll be amazed by their customer support and their friendliness.

Bonuses & Offers

Of course, just as we trick kids with candy, we trick adults with bonuses & offers. But still all kids love candies and all adults love welcome bonuses. Although, all casinos have almost the same deal, still some have more and others less.

The main bonuses & offers:

  • 100% welcome bonus up to XXX amount
  • XXX Free spins upon registration
  • XX% cashback every week

On your journey to playing online casino games you will stumble on all types of offers, but those are the main ones. Here’s the top offer I’ve seen in a while, that’s 100% first deposit bonus up to 500 Euros + 200 free spins.


Online casino games are interesting and fun to play, but online casinos are not always trustworthy. If you want to have maximum pleasure playing these games then you must play at a reputable and trustful online casino, one who doesn’t hide itself from its players, and one who appreciates its players and their fun.

Good luck, enjoy